Money 2020 Asia

Singapore, March 2018

Had a wonderful, and illuminating, time at Money2020 Asia at the Mandalay Bay in Singapore.

singapore main stage

I interviewed Jonathan Larsen, head of Corporate Venutre Capital (CVC) at PingAn on the main stage. I asked him about tokenisation and the future of VC, and he said that “Tokenization is a really massive trend… That’s a much bigger story that cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and even blockchain.”


I chaired two excellent discussions about identity. Money2020 had opted for a novel configuratuon - the partipants on a raised dias in the centre of the room with the audience all around and me as a sort of ringmaster. I was sceptical, but I have to tell you that it worked brilliantly. You can see the video of the Exploring DIgital Identities session here.

space cadet

They’d gone with a space theme so the room was dark around the edges with stars as a backdrop. I had fun and learned a lot, and so (I think) did the audience.