How #identity can be explained by what sounds like standup comedy from the extraordinary @dgwbirch  - but isn't. Dead serious, lucid analysis.

Andrew Bud (March 2019).


Dave is a great speaker and has profound insights, sometimes dressed as jokes. They remain profound.

Clara Durodie (May 2018).


Dave Birch gave one of the most hilarious and original talks I ever listened to.

Matteo Rizzi, co-founder of SWIFT Innotribe (February 2016).


I am an experienced public speaker with a track record of delivering to a wide range of audiences, including at TEDx, Wired, Meaning and LIFT events. I am also an experienced moderator, able to encourage and facilitate worthwhile discussion on a variety of topics. I have chaired panels at Mobile World Congress, Money 2020 and many other international events. In the post-COVID world, I am an effective webinar host and have delivered a variety of online lectures to companies and to events around the world.

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