Mr. Ambassador

Back in 2016, Digital Jersey kindly invited me to become an Special Advisor to their board to add a wider perspective around fintech and to provide some specific support for development of their longer term strategy for the digital sector. Digital Jersey is both an economic development agency and industry association, funded by government and its members, to promote the digital sector on the Island. It supports  inward investment, relocations and develop on-island talent acting as a central contact for anyone connected with the digital sector.

This gave me the opportunity to meet many people and organisations doing great work on the island and to learn about the activities of Digital Jersey,  Locate Jersey, which is the dedicated government team responsible for attracting and retaining inward investment for Jersey and Jersey Finance, which  champions the competitive position of Jersey as an International Financial Centre (IFC), supporting the highest regulatory standards and the most attractive digital solutions, products and services.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement: I saw at first hand the incredible work going on and was excited to see that  Digital Jersey, Locate Jersey and Jersey Finance have now come together to create Jersey for Fintech, a collaboration to promote Jersey as the ideal location for fintech firms to establish, grow and flourish. So as you can imagine, I was both surprised and delighted to be approached to become the Ambassador for Jersey for Fintech.

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In this part time role, I will work to educate and excite businesses and entrepreneurs about Jersey and the opportunities that it affords to fintech businesses. I plan to take part in an extensive programme of communications and events working with colleagues across the agencies to make sure that the benefits of Jersey as a place for fintech enterprise of all kinds are recognised and understood. To begin with, I will focus on three key areas of advantage:

Regulation. Jersey is a self-governing Crown Dependency with a stable government and its own independent legal and tax systems. Jersey is neither part of the UK, nor the EU, although it’s proud to say that it works closely with both, through longstanding business and trade agreements with the UK and EU Member States. It has control over its financial services regulation and it is widely recognised for the quality of regulation and the clarity ;

Infrastructure. Jersey has first-class infrastructure with high speed fibre to all homes and businesses, 4G mobile coverage throughout and 5G coverage rolling out this year. This makes it a great testbed for digital financial services of all kinds and the Digital Jersey sandbox makes it a great place for business experiments;

Lifestyle. the quality of the lifestyle that Jersey offers has been magnified throughout the pandemic. Remote working and working from home have made the island an even more attractive place for both established financial services business and, more importantly to me, startups and new ventures.

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I am honoured, and flattered, to be given the opportunity to present these advantages to the global financial services community. If you want to learn more about what Jersey can offer your business, please do not hesitate to contact me.