I am a "Top 20 Influencer" in Fintech

Jax Finance Top 20 Influencers in Fintech

Yes, of course I’m one of them other wise I wouldn’t be posting it here would I!

BBBB All Systems Go

It’s done! I’ve signed the contract for my new book “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From money we understand to money that understands us”. It will be published by the London Publishing Partnership in June 2017. The new book is about the intertwined stories of technology and money (there’s an expanded precis on Medium if you are interested). The book looks at the future of money by exploring the “5Cs” who might create money in the future: central banks, commercial banks, companies, cryptography and communities”. It opens the topic up to the general business and provides a framework for considering the impact the shift to digital money in the future.

signing - 1

Signing the contract for “Before Bitcoin, Beyond Babylon”. Hurrah!

Rebank Episode 24


Today we’re thrilled to welcome Dave Birch (@dgwbirch) to the podcast. Dave is Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion, a secure electronic transactions consultancy. Dave is an internationally-recognized thought leader in digital identity and digital money.

Around the Coin, E125

I always listen to “Around the Coin” with my good friends Faisal Khan and Brian Roemmele so I was very flattered indeed to be interviewed for Episode 125.

Money 2020 in Copenhagen

I’ll be speaking at Money2020 in Copenhagen in June. If you want to save a couple of hundred euros, head on over there now to book you ticket and mention my name.