Top 100 of Anything is Cool

It's bordering on insanity to put me on a list of anything alongside geniuses of the magnitude of Patrick Collison or Vitalik Buterin, or business people I admire beyond measure like Tim Cook and Ann Boden but... oh come on, why shouldn't I repost this…

I’m one of the 100 most influential people in fintech

Thanks guys.

A Pleasant Read

Another kind review of The Currency Cold War, this time in Central Banking. Daniel Heller, adviser on regulatory affairs at Fnality International and visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC. writes that

I suspected that this may be yet another book about the future of money and payments that is based on erroneous assumptions about the basic properties of money. Luckily, my expectation proved to be wrong. The book turned out to be a pleasant and interesting read.