I'm rather proud of having my own logo.

Many years ago (and I mean back before the internet!), my friend Gerry was studying design at Portsmouth University. As part of a project she was working on there, she developed the idea that in the future people would have logotypes rather than names (this was long before pop stars had the idea). I thought the idea was interesting and asked her to design a logo for me. She did, and gave me a T-shirt with this logo on it as well as a copy of the logo on paper for my birthday one year. I put it away in a drawer, assuming that there would be no circumstance in which I would ever require a logo. This is how good a futurologist I am.

Luckily, I scanned in the logo just for fun at the time.

Many years later, the arrival of web home pages meant that I needed a logo to make a button on a web page that would always mean my stuff. I remembered Gerry's prophecy and found the logo on a disk tucked away in an old box.

Thanks Gerry.


The original logo was in black and white. I converted this into two versions: two tone blue for my professional stuff (the logo used on this site) and two tone grey for my personal stuff (the logo used over a davebirch.org).