I read David because I can never accurately predict his opinion, which means either it's all signal, or he is in fact a natural source of randomness, both of which are highly valuable.

Danny O'Brien (July 2009).

BBBB at De Nederlandsche Bank

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Amsterdam Institute of Finance and the Dutch Central Bank, I will be launching “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” in the Netherlands on Wednesday 6th Septmber 2017. You can register here to come along and hear me talk about the “5Cs” who may issue money in the future.

There’s drinks and networking afterwards so please feel free to stay and ask me the tough questions that you didn’t want to ask in front of other people.

Merchant Payments Ecosystem

The wonderful people at one of my favourite conferences, Merchant Payments Ecosystem have invited me to be part of the organising committee for Febraury 2018 events that will be again held in Berlin. If you are at all interested in the topic, you’d be mad to miss this conference. I’ve already seen the draft agenda for 2018 and it is amazingly comprehensive, covering everything from business consolidation and biometrics to cryptocurrencies and PIN-on-glass.

BBBB Launched at Money2020

Check out “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” in book2look here

And here’s The Economist review… "PEOPLE use money every day and yet struggle to understand it… 'Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin' by David Birch, a consultant, offers a broad historical overview on the nature of this essential economic instrument"


My new book, “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” arrived from the printer today! A huge, huge thank you to my publishers London Publishing Partnership and my good friend Austin Houldsworth for his brilliant cover photo.

I made a few short YouTube clips to talk about some issues that are raised in the book...

Mobile 360 Privacy and Security

The GSMA were kind enough to invite me to host the panel discussion about data protection and organsational strategies in response to the impending GDPR at the Mobile 360 Privacy and Security event in the The Hague. They put together a short highlights video that you can see below.

And you can watch the full panel discussion online too. Here’s the panel description…

Data is the fuel driving the digital economy enabling greater personalisation, creating new services and empowering new business models. Key to this is building consumer trust. New data protection rules mean consumers must be presented with greater choice and control over the way their data is collected and used. Consumers must have total confidence that their personal information will be used to their benefit, and never cause them harm.

Heather Hinton, PhD, CTO Cloud Security, Privacy & Compliance, IBM Cloud & Cognitive

Katryna Dow, Founder & CEO, Meeco

Rimma Perelmuter, CEO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum

David Poole, Business Development Director, myPINpad

Emanuele De Leonardis, Director, Data Strategy & Governance, Orange

Dave Birch, Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion

BBBB Book Launch

Thanks to the kind support of ATOS Worldline, the official launch of my new book “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” will take place on Monday 26th June during Money2020 in Copenhagen.

Sincere thanks to my good friends at Norfico.

El Pais

April 2017

An interview with El Pais Retinas during my visit to BBVA for their Open Mind event.


BBBB All Systems Go

It’s done! I’ve signed the contract for my new book “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From money we understand to money that understands us”. It will be published by the London Publishing Partnership in June 2017. The new book is about the intertwined stories of technology and money (there’s an expanded precis on Medium if you are interested). The book looks at the future of money by exploring the “5Cs” who might create money in the future: central banks, commercial banks, companies, cryptography and communities”. It opens the topic up to the general business and provides a framework for considering the impact the shift to digital money in the future.

signing - 1

Signing the contract for “Before Bitcoin, Beyond Babylon”. Hurrah!

CES 2017

I’ll be speaking in the Digital Money track at CES in Las Vegas on 5th January 2017. It’s my first ever time speaking at this event and I look forward to seeing you all there.

CES-Speaker-share-image-white 1200x630

In the Digital ID Top 5

I was ranked in the global top five thought leaders in digital identity by Innovate Identity.