I read David because I can never accurately predict his opinion, which means either it's all signal, or he is in fact a natural source of randomness, both of which are highly valuable.

Danny O'Brien (July 2009).

Money2020 China

I’m geniuinely excited to announce that I have been invited to speak at the inaugural Money2020 China this year! I’m really looking forward to coming to Hangzhou in November to take part in what is shaping up to be a superb event.

Big in Japan

Well, I’m very excited to report that the English version of “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” made it to the top of the hit parade in Japan! Yes, that’s right - I was number one in the banking category on the Amazon there! Anyway, just saying.


Summer Choice

Wow. Thanks! American Banker has chosen Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin as one of their 12 “books for bankers” this summer, calling it “an insightful, witty look at how money has changed over the ages”.

Open banking and its discontents

Here I am being interviewed by Interest in New Zealand, explaining why there are concerns that open banking as concieved in the UK may not lead to the best possible outcomes for consumers.

You can find my article on open banking and why the asymmetric playing field that it creates may harm rather than further compeition (the subject of my talk at Payments NZ’s "The Point” conference, which was why I was in NZ) in the June edition of Payments and Fintech Laywer. They have kindly provided a PDF version of the article that you can download it here


I’ve signed with Provoke Management! They will be my agents for speaking engagements and, when not separating the different coloured M&Ms for Brett King, will be representing me from 1st July 2018. Excited to be working with this great team.


Turning Japanese

The Japanese edition of “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” has been published, which is very exciting. I’ve now been published in English, Italian, Turkish and Japanese so I’m beginning to feel like a real author!


El Mariachi and Me

I’ll be interviewing Antonio Banderas (yes, that Antonio Banderas) live on stage at Money2020 in Amsterdam. He is an investor in an identity and authentication startup called Biocryptology, and I’ll be talking to him and the CEO Ted Oorbals in the afternoon keynote at 3.25pm about the identity problem and what their solution offers.


Money 2020 Vegas Confirmed

Happy to say that I will be presenting at Money2020 in Las Vegas this year. and I look forward to meeting friends old and new there.


I am delighted to say that I will be speaking at the GSMA Mobile 360 event on “Privacy & Security” in The Hague at the end of May. I’ll be speaking in Keynote Session 2 “Architecting for Data, Privacy and Cybersecurity” and I’ll be talking about how “the blockchain” (by which I mean the family of shared ledger technologies and related cryptographic techniques) can help to deliver both security and privacy in the mass market.

Moneybox Live

I was invited along to BBC Radio’s flagship personal finance programme, MoneyBox Live, to talk about the use of cash and the coming cashless society. I was in some pretty good company! Along with the wonderful host, Paul Lewis, were Victoria Clelland (Chief Cashier at the Bank of England and the woman whose signature is on our banknotes) and Andrew Cregan (Head of Payments Policy at the British Retail Consortium.

You can listen to the show here.