A hybrid of a late night entertainment show and eureka-moment… unique humor and vision.
Frank Muller, editor Paytechlaw (2/3/2017)


David Birch was a founder of Consult Hyperion, the secure electronic transactions consultancy, and is their Global Ambassador. He is a Technology Fellow at the London think tank the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) and a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey Business School. He also holds an number of board-level advisory roles in the private and public sectors. An internationally-recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money, he was named one of the global top 15 favourite sources of business information by Wired magazine and one of the ten most influential voices in banking by Financial Brand; created one of the top 25 “must read’ financial IT blogs; was found by PR Daily to be of the top ten Twitter account followed by innovators, along with Bill Gates and Richard Branson; was ranked in the top three most influential people in London’s FinTech community and in the top five global thought leaders in identity; was listed by Hot Topics as one of the world’s top 100 most influential fintech leaders; and was rated Europe’s most influential commentators on emerging payments by Total Payments.


In the London Review of Books his “Identity is the New Money” (LPP, 2014) was labelled "fresh, original, wide-ranging and the best book on general issues around new forms of money”. His new book “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From money we understand to money that understands us” (LPP, 2017) has been called "hard-headed, insightful, entertaining and accessible”.

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